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2 days ago

This might read a little strange at first as I've done a big copy and paste from another forum I'm on and this is half a dozen posts wrapped together . I have ended up with...
I`m going to paint a turbo mirage rc10 body like the one Kinwald had with Hobbynox paint. Anyone knows which blue I should use?
i wondering if enyone have a "new bright Ski-Doo MXZ Snowmobile" for sale i have been searching every where but i cant find one.. if you have one and wanna sell it to me contact...

3 days ago

Hi fellas. Im looking for new wheels for my s14 and thought where i should look at? I have checked jdmdistro and this forum but thought is there other sites? Im looking for mei...

4 days ago

hi just been on speed awareness course to protect my clean licence Just wondering if anyone can recommend a speed camera detector I’ve done some research on snooper ,and road...

7 days ago

Having read the thread posted by 'Turbolag' recently regarding his modified CAT identification issues i thought i would start my own somewhat similar thread. I sold my original ...

8 days ago

Got my Nissan s13 the other week and was told this is the internals and I am wondering what oil I need?also anyone know what bhp this engine can hold etc {}  

10 days ago

Take your pick, I have no idea??? Thought it was a Pro Cat to start with, looking at the rear linkage, shock mounts and the front sway bar (not pictured). But the chassis cert...

11 days ago

So Im looking for some wheel nuts. theyre a very simple design but they seem to be impossible to find online because everybody selling car stuff insists on selling autistic bull...
So I thought I'd start a new thread with the re-build of my '91 garage find. Spent the afternoon with this and a few beers, don't tell the missus, have the drive train in t...

12 days ago

Well I thought it'd be rude to not use this shock tower in a build, and so begins the longest build thread whilst I hunt for parts! kinda the bit I enjoy though!
My question is when is too much too much? At the moment I only have 5 1/10th scale buggies and a kyosho tki3 nitro. The Mrs seems to rekon this is excessive. Please tell me othe...

14 days ago

I'm returning to this hobby after a break of 25 years or more, so please bear with me! Can you guys tell me which Dogfighter model this is please?
What do we think of this? Looks quite good until you see what's under the shell looks a bit cheap and nasty for £52

15 days ago

Yo guys.... As I now need somewhere to build my cars over the winter months I have storage space for rent in the Basingstoke, Hants area. I have 2 types of space available ...

16 days ago

With summer fast approaching we look forward to the ninth running of our ever popular Invernational event. For the first time ever the Invernational 18 will be run over FOU...

18 days ago

So what I think I have here is a yoke 870C and a '91 works, I do have the chassis for both (which would probably make identification easier) but not with me at the moment.I ...

19 days ago

i have been searching for about a month now for a unit in which I can work on a couple of cars.I am having no luck at all I have called all the locally posted signs for unit...

20 days ago

Dear all, I have an Arduino Nano, H-bridge L298N, two regular electrical engines, receiver FrSky X8R, Li-Po battery 7.4V. The task is to drive two engines using two PW...

21 days ago

I am collecting information now for a project i will undertake in the spring of 2019 (my plate is way too full until then.) I want to make a balloon type flying vehicle that is ...

25 days ago

Been looking at getting an s14, I'm only 21 one but I've seen a few people my age or a little older with them. I'm wondering if there is another young s14 owners on here, who th...

29 days ago

Hey guys! I’m a high school student working on a school project similar to the tv show Shark Tank and I need to build a business model which involves market research. My product...

More than a month ago

Hi all. Just wondering if you need to back a nitro body with something to protect the paint from the nitro fumes etc? Will be using acrylics (Hobbynox/Vallejo). Thanks in a...
My son has just got an LC Racing EMB-1 and loves it for use indoors where he races it against 1/10th scale buggies. We seem to be about a year late in getting one and no one els...
Getting tired of all the Disney promotion on the Wheel since Disney bought the network. I know it goes with the territory, but the advertising is getting overbearing.
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