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My son has just got an LC Racing EMB-1 and loves it for use indoors where he races it against 1/10th scale buggies. We seem to be about a year late in getting one and no one els...
Getting tired of all the Disney promotion on the Wheel since Disney bought the network. I know it goes with the territory, but the advertising is getting overbearing.
Ok I'm going to try and maintain my losi xx diff. I've never built a diff or done anything with a ball diff before. Any tips and also what are the parts that should be replaced
This is my review of the Freewing F-105 Thunderchief 64mm EDF Jet. Below you will find the Uboxing video that show me unbox it and go over the basics including a engine and cont...

4 days ago

im not sure if this is just me, but i can click the pictures to the wheel threads and it works. but when i click the actual wheel thread button it just give me an error page wit...

5 days ago

Hello, I would like to buy a robot chassis like the one below: and turn it into a mean RC "car". As far as ...

6 days ago

Hi guys I see this every year at the bmfa nationals and looked everywhere for a plan or information on how to build one but no joy!!! I'll try to upload a photo later. d...

8 days ago

Led strips got the job done well, but now I'd like scale-positioned/colored navigation lights that are bright enough to use to night fly with nothing else helping. I realize buy...

10 days ago

I'm looking to add lights to my flat foam 3D plane. Ideally, I want to attach the lights facing inward on the side force generators that are on the wingtips. That way the plane ...
Hi guys, have had a bit of a look here but can't seem to quickly find what I'm looking for (apologies for being lazy).I'm currently looking at bringing a near show spec 180s...
Hi im new to this site and im looking in to importing a car from japan for myself. Ive never done this before, and id like to know if its worth doing and is there any hidden ...

11 days ago

I?m not sure if this happens to everyone, but when flying at night I feel like I?m 90+ years old. For some reason, it seems that looking at my bright helicopter flying in the da...

12 days ago

Does anyone knows where I can get custom parts forMy Datsun 160J ?? I would like to customize it but having hard time finding parts {} {} {}  
Hey Guys,Anyone know anywhere that sells S14a replacement headlight glass?Found this website that sells glass for the S14 lights, just not 14a. Wondering if anyone has c...

13 days ago

Does anyone know what the sensibly priced options are for saddle lipo trays and straps etc.??I have CAT 2000 needing saddle lipos fitted this week...
Can anyone help I'd these wheels. I bought them on Yahoo auctions. They were listed as work emotion? They're 17x9 et15. Have the jic markings on and nothing else. Th...
Hey guys,I paid a deposit for a S15 silvia to import back in december, which I did cancel. I paid a 1500€ deposit and had to pay 150,000¥ (which was round about 800€ or some...

14 days ago

What's the cheapest infrared gear I could but to allow me to film at night. Or even some sort of lights to shine okn the ground I need it for security/farm patrol please ...
Hey all, silly title and first post on here so forgive the scrub-nessAfter owning the worlds slowest N/A Fiesta and getting my insurance down, I’m starting to piece together...

15 days ago

I posted this in "cars general", but looks like this is the better place. I'll delete one of the other post so there's only one once I get some replies. I am an Australian ...

17 days ago

So I've been driving 7 years, no claims ect.. over 25, but I simply cannot get insurance on a poxy 323 E36? Sky wouldn't even give me a quote?! I thought they were the drift...

18 days ago

Hey guys,I do have a question.I want to register my car in the uk (actually bought it in the UK, still has MOT/TAX)I do live and work in germany, my father and other side ...
Ok, so its time to give up on the ebay £15 specials... Looking at an iwata neo cs. Any thoughts on these? Can only see a .35 needle version, but would maybe prefer a .5. I'm may...

21 days ago

Booking in will open for the 2018 Revival on Sunday the 25th of Feb at 19:00 GMT Link will follow. You?ll need to be quick as I think it filled in less than an hour last year
Thursday night the 25th at midnight my truck was stolen from my work unit in old Woking, surrey if anyone knows anything please either let me or the police know.L434 ASU. it's...
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looking for pics or vids
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3 new Dave's Raceway in Michigan Videos
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And now......For something completely different.
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Feedback on these self righting kits?
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My latest video
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T-28 micro with lights.
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