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been searching around for a timing bet kit for my jzx90 1jzgte and struggling to actually find one. Im looking for either a hks kit or an oem one. Can anyone help or does an...

3 days ago

Hay everyone,I am a calligraphy artist based in Northants, UK.Trying to get some awesome projects aligned for this year to further expand my skills and I thought it would be...
Looking to roll my arches on a civic, wondering if anyone has experience rolling arches on a car? any tips would be amazing!  
Hi, this is hames thron. Say to hello for everyone. I am an enthusiast of lawn care. I want to know more idea about lawn mowing. If you have any idea about lawn mowing please sh...

6 days ago

I own an audi a5 2l tfsi (fwd) but when doing a burnout it cuts the power almost immediately. does anybody know how to deactivate this. I know its possible. and yes traction con...

7 days ago

I didn?t really warm to this until last year but for some reason decided to buy one as it popped up at the right price to add to the ever growing yoke collection. It came off...

8 days ago

I've always wanted to get into night flying and have a 6' Telemaster that needs recovering. I am gonna keep a similar covering scheme of red transparent on the wing and fus...

9 days ago

If you are thinking about getting a FPV Racing Drone, I reviewed the DYS FPV Racing Drone Kit from Force1. It is a professional racing drone that comes with everything I nee...
Edit: Changed pic to a link because of size: Album here: I bought this years ago from a racer pretty much as ...

10 days ago

has anyone here been on the modball rally before? been looking at it thinking of entering next yr. looks nuts! anyone any info? cheers  

11 days ago

heres some photos from modified live {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} ...
Is it just me thats getting this error when trying to get to the drift cars for sale threads? Code: Server ErrorArgument 1 passed to XenForo_Model_Attachment::getAtta...
There are many factors to consider when choosing the right servo for your application and one of those is how fast your servo will move . In our Latest Secret Life of Servos Vid...
Purchased an abs delete kit one line 7inches to short others far to long called about the problem and was told he was sending out a replacement for next day delivery nearly a we...

12 days ago

Hey, guys!If you are planning to visit Latvia (Riga), or you have planned a stag party/birthday party then you are always welcome to try adrenaline pumping passenger driftin...

13 days ago

Just wondered if anyone here owns a top force evolution ? If so please pm me I have some questions. Many thanks

21 days ago

I know enough about RC to fill a thimble, but am an R&D Aircraft Tech, a machinist and welder from another childhood and 2nd retirement coming within a few months and have a nee...

23 days ago

I Need a new chra for my s14 t28 quickly can anybody tell me the numbers on the turbo and or where i can get a chra asap thanks  

24 days ago

Hi guys i have a body that cam with a car i boight. Whats the best way to remove the painted windows without killing the shell?

26 days ago

can anyone tell me how i can close my account on here please. im sticking to good old facebook. Thanks
Like an epic feel good movie, where the knocked down guy claws his way back up and has you rooting on for him, I have returned. Really, what more is there to say! I...

27 days ago

Just bought this off eBay it's my birthday present to myself. The guy selling it says he's not sure it's an x10. Clearly the chassis is, thoughts on the rest? Anythin...
RCGroups is currently hosting this banner: Description: Quote: Sky Speaker-I is a megaphone designed for SUAS,can be installed on multirotor and...
Hello,In the usa here and we have a good following of micro racing with the LC Racing buggies and truggies leading the way. For buggy we have in general been using the LC R...

29 days ago

I bought a Nissan Gloria that was imported from Japan a few years back. The guy I bought it from had no idea about the car or any previous history.The more I research into the...
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