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So most everybody here knows I like vintage R/C boats but I also am into the vintage cars. Not sure if you can see the pictures if you are not a member but the link below is for...
I have a stock 260pum, is 14" a good starting point to start the tune or am I wasting time and need to start shorter?I don't want to start to short as I can always cut more off....


So i'm trying to find some plans for a 30-36 inch rc hydroplane. im using junk rc parts to build it, but i have a few questions. How much balsa wood do i need? how...
I just picked up a brand new Dumas 48" PT 109 with triple Dumas hardware kits. I am looking for recommendations for powering with 3 electric motors, props and a speed control t...
Well with the racing season over in Eville I learned a lot ,got some racing in, but also had some dissapointment boat not running right but all in all a learning experiance. dur...
So im trying to build an rc boat ( sail ) from scrap rc car stuff. so does anyone have plans for a sailing yacht? How much would it cost to build a 36 inch version? Thanks!
So I'm gonna try this again, looking for the MHZ 138 germam hull by itself or with the hardware, drilled or undrilled really doesnt matter. if you have one and dont have the tim...
Just wanted to let anyone interested, that the Badger Model Boat Club and other D4 IMPBA Clubs are still offering P-limited Stock and P-Limited Super Stock electric classes for ...
Yes!  There is a penalty. The penalty is 169, 225, 300 or even 400 Points!  Or worse....your dead boat gets run over. I could expound, but I will leave it there.
Back in the '80's - I built and raced wood nitro boats, that were sealed and painted with epoxy paints (like HobbyPoxy and K&B paint), which were high nitro fuel proof, and are ...

2 days ago

I'm looking for info on who you guys go to for custom white lettering decal work? I need some white-lettered decals custom made for nameplates and such for my current and next p...
Our club has decided to add a new class, the 1/6th scale Crackerbox to the racing day. Today I got a set of 1/10th scale plans for the boat that I plan to enlarge and start bu...
The red motor 84mmx44mm 5mm shaft The blue 74mmx 36mm 5 5mm shaft it has df RACING in the end. But I can't find info . The red is nameless.
I have never built a model ship however I would like to. What would be the best companies to buy from that make high quality model merchant ships?
Is anyone going to the Toledo show this year? I am thinking about entering a model and wondering if any of you have entered a model and what the process is to do so. I have read...
Anyone have a Veles they are looking to get rid of. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
Just bought an aqua craft ARTR on the forum ,all I need I s the radio ,it has the reciever,what radio am I looking for and where can I find a cheap one ? My grand son will proba...
Getting back into modeling has got me in a nostalgic bent. If I recall correctly there was an article and plans for a 40 size SAW outrigger in MAN in the early/mid 80's.  It w...
Ok OSE friends I?m looking to upgrade the motor and esc In my ul1 all opinions and suggestions appreciated
Has anyone tried this one yet? Sure looks like it can take a good bit of load.

3 days ago

Newbie here. Brand newbie. I have a Scarab 45" vee hull that was designed for a .40 to .65 glow motor, mounted on a "Steve Muck" mount at a 7.5 degree angle to horizontal. Th...
If anybody has a UL-1 sitting around and considering selling, please put a post here. A pic and asking price would be good too. Looking for a stock setup.. Thanks
Anyone know who makes the strongest .187- 3/16 standard rotation flex cable on the market these days? Always used Hughey but there gone. Thanks
Can someone fix the pics plz ,,I'm also thinking about doing a little offshore theme with the 43 Challenger hatch, what do you think ?? Hi here is the vector I'm building for a ...
Looking for a small 20mm diameter about 40mm long or less, 2mm shaft motor. 3100kv to maybe 4600kv. Castle makes a sidewinder micro. Losi makes one. And maybe some cheaper compa...
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