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Finally got some good pictures of the steam engine in my steam boat. It is a 1 hp engine, de tuned down to .6 hp. This helps to save a lot of steam when running and is plenty o...
I'm not coming up with a good way to support the end of my NR quit pipe. A pushrod with fuel line around it bent around the pipe is the only thing that I have come up with. The...
I have an old 1M Soling RC sailboat with the airtronics Tx/RX and long arm sail winch. Is it possible to refit these with newer RC electronics? I think these are old AM ba...
So I'm getting ready to replace the ESC in my Omaha-class cruiser, since it started flaking out all of a sudden and randomly locking itself into full ahead. Even when sitting at...


I have been asked for photo's of Mud River several times. Unfortunately, I never got some with my current Digital Camera, before Kay got sick and passed away. I scanned these...
A good days sailing. Silly mistakes by 88. Good fun though. Askern IOM Regatta 13th May 2018 (8 min 59 sec)
I am not into RC anything. I am looking up some information on a nutty project my old man undertook in the mid 1980s. My old man wanted to make a personal submarine. Someho...
HiDoes anyone have a tuning guide for iom yachts they could share? Or is there somewhere we can buy one? Just after a general starting guide as to how much sail foot and rak...
Does anyone know where to buy plastic hemostats like the one in the photo in small quantities?    Attached Files -  Pla...

2 days ago

DA30DE57-2859-491C-98C2-B2CA38192CAD.jpg 93DB53E0-A89A-4C3E-8243-0DB2727D3F27.jpg This is neat it work with a smart phone or tablet.
My friend Bob and myself made our first lake float this year now that it has warmed up. Bob and my Corvette were built from Sterling kits. Mine was bought back in 1961 and h...
Can some one tell me where i can get the boom tubes used by CMD? It seems that the sponson tubes are .500 OD and the tub tubes are .606(ish) ODMy research points to Goodwind...
Hiya Guy's , It's been awhile since I've done a boat build thread here on the board since I put my boats on the back burner and decided to focus on other things for the las...
you have to work hard sailing her, but it is worth to do it …. :-) MatthiasRobbe Smaragd mit Traveler (1 Versuch ) (15 min 51 sec)
In an attempt to reduce 53 of model boating "treasurers," I was going through a filing cabinet full of model boat plans.  I have 2 sets of drawings/plans for the 1/4 Scale Cra...
My question is wouldn't a CNC prop be better then a hand massaged prop, due to each prop being identical to each other in a twin set up?
I know it's a throw in the dark but I'm LOOKING FOR/ LOOKING TO BUY. a mini rigger anything EXCEPT a jae MINI SPRINT OR A KEPPS MINI....hoping to find a mini renegade or another...

3 days ago

Am interested in a Dumas Dragonfly 40 or 60 kit. Kit plans will also work.Thanks.Bob HeywoodDayton, OH
Ok so after a long time away from boats (been flying planes) I've decided to dig 2.old hulls and intend to rebuild at least one of them. ABC super Hawaii and Kyosho twi...
how many Ma are in a amp hour I assume it equates. I charged new packs and they took 5.17 amp hours thanks Chris
I just finished my catalog of MTB hulls and CNC Models superstructure kits. It can be downloaded at or from the home page of ...
I am curious, as to how fragile most build their boats. AND, how much do you TRANSPORT and RUN them. Also, the conditions you run in, as I have done regattas in 122 F, in the po...
Guys, Anyone have a Castle 1717 air version they want to sell. I am specifically looking for the version with wires that come out like a Neu motor not like the typical Castle c...
recently some one posted a photo of a outboard tuned pipe wire bracket  , cant seem to find it  , sure would like to make one , any body remember it , thanks.....bob

4 days ago

I have the v3 version? The green colored one,it runs fine when the flex shaft is newly greased, but after say 15 minutes of running ,it develops a noticeable deep rasping noise,...
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