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FMS 1450mm P-51 V8

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Okay, let's face it, it's inevitable, the FMS P-51 version 8 is on the horizon!


*NOTE: All links are in Bold/Italic print.

The intention for starting this new thread devoted to the FMS 1450mm P-51 was because the moderator of the FMS/airfield p-51 version7 thread, rcplaner214, seems to be no longer around? He's the only one that can amend anything eg: change title, index the opening post to include updated info, etc. Because of this, there is no way to take the reference "Airfield" out of the title which is still causing some confusion in some to think Nitroplanes is still a vendor for FMS!

I promise, as moderator of this thread, that I will keep all new information pertaining to the FMS 1450mm P-51 from V1 thru V8 (when it's available) current! I will use this opening page to post any new developments coming down the pike from FMS.

Because there are multiple threads here on RCG devoted to the FMS P-51 (see below), if anyone has something relative that they would like to share, I will be happy to post their links here as well.

~FMS 1450mm P-51 threads~

Giant FMS EPO P-51.....NICE.....with 16859 posts covering over 1124 pgs. and now almost 4 yrs, old, it's the grandaddy of them all, starting back with the inception of the FMS P-51 V1, and still going strong!

Fms/airfield p-51 version7.....with 2759 posts on 184 pgs. it's the most current FMS P-51 thread running to date.

FMS 1450MM P-51B Mustang....with 2778 posts on 186 pgs. primarily devoted to the newer "B" model.

*NOTE*: I will keep the first two posts open as index's so that if anyone has additional information they would like to add, I'll be able to amend the contents.


Here is the list of FMS Dealers/Distributors World-Wide.


MotionRC Lake Barrington, IL~FMS Online retailer and exclusive dealer for ROCHobby

Diamond Hobby Tallahassee FL~FMS online retailer and distributor to North American LHS


Hi-Performance Distributors~FMS distributor to LHS.


FMS Dongguan City, China~Shenzhen Famous Electronic Tech Co., Ltd

PW-RC Tin Shui Wai H.K.~FMS online retailer.

RC Castle Kwun Tong, Kln, HK.~FMS online retailer.

Hobby Paradise Kwun Tong, Kln, H.K.~FMS online retailer.


CML DISTRIBUTION Bromsgrove, Worcestershire


Manticore-RC-FMS distributor.


Beez2b~FMS HLC, LHS.


Asas Eletricas~FMS online retailer.


Xtreme Hobby~FMS online retailer

RC High Performance Hobbies~FMS online retailer


Schweighofer~FMS online retailer.


I was informed today by Leo Hou/Deputy General Manager FMS that there may be a new totally redesigned P-51 in the not so distant future? Not this year, but possibly next year, fingers crossed, as it's still in the designing stages. To quote Leo...."trust me, I can guarantee it is the best P-51 you've ever seen!" I've had the privilege to see a few of the proposed improvements and I'm already excited!

Until then, we can expect some subtle upgrades to the V7.5 P-51 such as those Moonbeam/Derik enlightened us to on his new "D" model he received from Diamond Hobby the other day. They include the new PAEP 4250-540kv motor, the sliding battery tray with enlarged batt. compartment, the newer tail feather assembly, and open air scoop intake. It looks like FMS has taken some of the kewl features from their "B" model and Incorporated them to the "D"!
Date: Dec 3, 2013   

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